Unraveling Cancer Chaos for Predictive Medicine

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Announcing the new CRC CoFest Program!

The Convergence Institute at Johns Hopkins is excited to announce a new program advancing colorectal cancer data science research through the Colorectal Cancer Research Center of Excellence (CRC COE) and the Johns Hopkins Convergence Institute. Enabled by a generous donation from the Schnabl Family, this program will provide teams of researchers from diverse scientific backgrounds with the opportunity to analyze real-world data to advance colorectal cancer treatment.


Leveraging multi-disciplinary team science to solve a problem: cancer.


Novel technologies adapted for translational research by Convergence members to address key challenges in cancer research and support their accessibility to the Hopkins community.


Our team science approach to realizing the predictive medicine paradigm for clinical practice.


Fellowships and other educational programs to cross train students, post-docs and early career faculty.


Directors and core leaders of Convergence Institute programs.

Pilot Grant Program

Pilot grant seed program for new convergence cancer projects at JHU.

Employment Opportunities

Learn what opprotunitites are available for Faculty, postdocs, and fellows.