With generous support from the Schnabl Family and in loving memory of Fred Schnabl

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Advancing Colorectal Cancer Data Science Research Through CoFests!

Hands-on collaborative work events (also known as hackathons, codeathons, and CollaborationFests) bring together enthusiastic participants to collaborate in solving a grand challenge problem. Vibrant communities of data scientists, oncologists, and technology developers can mobilize around data science research in colorectal cancer using state-of-the-art technologies. We are organizing a five-day event that brings together researchers from diverse backgrounds to analyze colorectal cancer data, followed by disseminating the group’s findings at our annual symposium and through other scholarly channels. Researchers will adopt an Open Science methodology where data, code, and results are shared publicly in an effort to create a valuable resource to advance colorectal cancer research for the community.

The group will work with genomics data, including new single-cell technologies for characterization of the tumor microenvironment. These tools will enable the program team to work towards the following grand challenges:

  • Develop new biomarkers of colorectal cancer patient survival using multi-omics data science methods on reference cohorts in The Cancer Genome Atlas
  • Predicting new targets for therapeutic intervention by determining features of immunosuppression in single-cell datasets to expand immunotherapeutic treatment strategies
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